Budget Money Your Way

Everyone has their own method of money management.

At Two Rivers Bank & Trust, we understand that everyone’s financial situation is different.

We have a variety of savings accounts that can meet your needs and Bobbie McCain, Teller Supervisor in West Burlington, has some budget tips for neighbors of all ages.

“Always keep a register of your expenses,” she said. “Even though your online banking source will keep track, verify against it every month.”

College students: Small purchases add up. “Keep receipts together and be mindful of small expenses because they might be hurting you in the long run,” McCain explained.

Newlyweds: Meet up! Have a weekly meeting about your money. It’s hard to adjust to managing money for two, so make sure you talk about it. We’ve got a blog about it, too!

Retired Neighbors: Have some fun. You’ve spent your entire life working. While retirement doesn’t mean the bills stop coming, it’s important to budget in for fun when you can.

The most important thing to remember is plan. “Make a budget and live within your means,” McCain said. “We’ll help you do it. You just have to come in and talk with us!”

Two Rivers Bank & Trust is always here to answer your questions.

“We’ve started to realize that money management really isn’t taught in school,” she explained. “If your parents don’t teach you, how do you learn? We really try to be that resource for all of our neighbors.”

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