Financial Declarations of 2018

2018 will be your year. You’re going to tackle your financial challenges. We’re going to help!

Two Rivers Bank & Trust is here to partner with our customers. We have a product and a service that can meet the needs of everyone in our neighborhood.

Laurie Stumpf-Sexton, Senior Branch Manager in Coralville, offers budgeting tips and advice so your new year can be the best yet!2018

“I first suggest using online banking and mobile banking so you always know your current financial situation,” Stumpf-Sexton explained. “I always tell someone to keep a check register, even if you’re only using a debit card. No one will watch your money more carefully than you.”

Automatic bill pay can help you, too. You’ll know right when your bills are being deducted from your account, you’ll avoid late fees, and have a better handle on your finances. Come in and we’ll show you how to set it up and use the tool!

“We’ll help you make a financial plan,” she said. “We highly suggest heading to one of our branches to talk with us. When you’re sitting down in front of a personal banker and we ask the right questions and make you really think, it’s very beneficial.”

We can determine the right products for you by understanding your habits and your current situation.

“I like to help people and show them how much small savings make a big deal,” Stumpf-Sexton said. “I love that part of my job.”

We can help you get organized and formulate a plan so you feel financially secure.

“I think there’s always a product and service we can offer to make someone’s life easier,” she explained. “You just have to take it seriously, too.”

We can help you save money and we’re so happy to offer you the services to do it. Come see us and declare 2018 as the year of financial stability and security!

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