Scary ways you get scammed

As humans, we’re conditioned to be nice to each other, to not be defensive, and to treat others with respect. However, advanced scamming techniques are preying on good-naturedness and it’s important to have a dose of skepticism.

Sean Allworth, Information Security Officer at Two Rivers Bank & Trust shared some ways you can get scammed and some advice to keep yourself safe.

Over the phone. People can pose as your relative and ask you to wire money. Don’t do it. “Ask for some sort of verification, hang up the phone, and call another family member to confirm what’s happening,” Allworth explained.

In your inbox. “The biggest issue we see right now is with business emails,” Allworth said. “Scammers are sending out emails with alerts to schedule transactions on behalf of clients. We tell our employees to always utilize call back procedures and to not move funds unless they have verified the transaction with our customers.”

Another tried and true method of fraud is phishing emails that have attachments containing malware.scam

“It’s the easiest to fall victim to, so you always have to look closely at the email addresses from which you’re receiving mail,” he said. “Phishing scams are getting more and more sophisticated. Never open an email from an address you don’t recognize and never download the attachments.”

Your online cart. Online shopping can be dangerous, for more reasons than one. Know where you are shopping and know when to give away financial information. Use the 3 Rs as your guide. Reputation, Recommendations, Research.

It’s always best to be proactive, too.

“Make sure you have a proper anti-virus on your computer and just be diligent,” Allworth urged.

If you think you’re a victim of fraud in any way, make sure you call us so we can help you take the necessary action. We care about the safety of our neighbors and will help you in any way we can!

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