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Spend less this holiday season

According to the American Research Group, the average American spends $929 every holiday season on gifts and 56% of Americans in debt add to it during the holiday season.

At Two Rivers Bank & Trust, we understand you want to do everything you can for your loved ones without negative financial consequences. We’re here to tell you some ways to spend less this holiday season.

Kristin Fritz, Teller Supervisor at Two Rivers Bank & Trust, suggested one of our helpful products.santa pig

“Our TR Cash Back Checking account is a great way to help yourself during the holidays,” she said. “You basically get 10 cents back on most purchases, if you’re using our debit card.”

You can also use cash instead of credit cards.

“It’s easier to spend more if you use a card,” Fritz explained. “It’s just a swipe, right? But, you’ll incur extra fees from processing and interest. Using cash will make you more aware of your funds.”

Staying in the Christmas spirit all year round can help you save money, too! Our Christmas Club savings links to your checking account so you can have money put into it all year long and then at Christmastime we will transfer the funds so you have them ready and available.

Know the deals. Cyber Monday and Black Friday really are great ways to save. While it can be overwhelming to shop on these days, having a game plan and a list can make it easier – on you and your wallet.

Spend on something different. “In previous years, we’ve taken part in Warm Kids, Warm Hearts,” she explained. “Our customers and our employees brought in coats, hats, and gloves for children who needed them. It was so rewarding.”

If you need help setting your budget, come talk with us! “Everyone at Two Rivers is happy to spend time with our customers,” Fritz said. “We want to talk to you about what you need and how we can help make your holiday season a little more stress-free!”

6 Neighborhood Events to Help You Beat Cabin Fever

Living in Iowa in the winter time can sometimes feel like a drag. Between students being on break and long weekends in January, we know your family may be experiencing some cabin fever. At Two Rivers Bank & Trust, we are deeply invested in our local neighborhoods and your winter wellness!


Megan Fritz, our Burlington Branch Manager on Roosevelt Avenue, thinks going out into your neighborhood is the best way to fight the winter blues. “Going to events in your community gets you out of the house and more involved,” she says. “Once you go to one event and meet new people, you hear about more and it makes the neighborhood more connected.”

Here are some local activities for you and your family during these cold and dreary months!

January 13 – Trivia night at the Burlington Public Library. From 6 pm – 9 pm challenge your neighbors in a battle of wits and help support library programming! Visit the library’s website for more information.

January 6-22 – Ramona Quimby is coming to the Des Moines Community Playhouse! Every weekend in January, Ramona, the star of Beverly Cleary’s book series, and friends will be performing in the Kate Goldman Children’s Theatre. Check out everyone’s favorite 3rd grader here.

January 22 – Beat the dull January days by heading to the Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden for music and tropical flowers during Botanical Blues. Every Sunday in January from 2 pm to 4 pm, musicians will fill the tropical conservatory.

January 25 – Break up your winter routine with one of the most unique musical acts around! Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox is coming to Englert Theater at 8 pm. “Postmodern Jukebox takes your favorite Top 40 hits, throws them in a time machine, and re-imagines them in the style of classic musical eras.”

January 28 –  Eagle Watch at the Port of Burlington. Don’t miss your chance to spot an eagle and enjoy the fresh air at 10 am. Join the Des Moines County Conservation division to learn more about our national bird.

January 31 – Head into February with a classic for the whole family! The Sound of Music is coming to the Hancher Auditorium. Directed by a three-time Tony Award winner, Jack O’Brien, this rendition of the beloved musical is a great way to give January the boot!

Headed out and forgot cash? Pop over to one of our ATM locations. We’re here for you in every neck of your neighborhood.

Gearing Up for Summer: Frugal Activities for Your Family

School’s almost out, which means that soon your kids—and you—will be looking for fun, summer fun 1summer activities to partake in. While summer may be a time for your kids to relax, it’s also a great time to plan some family adventures. Here’s a list of a few frugal summer activities to keep you and your kids entertained over the hot summer months.

“As a mother of three boys, with another child on the way, I am always on the lookout for fun activities for my kids to participate in—especially during the summer months,” explains Two Rivers Bank & Trust Sales and Service Representative Nicole Nihart. “Spending time with my kids during the summer is my favorite—there are so many awesome things to do and try!”

Hit the books
Your child’s learning and development does not have to stop just because it’s summer! Make sure your child is keeping up their learning during the summer months by visiting your local library, or enrolling your child in a summer reading program. Lots of libraries offer summer reading programs, including prizes and incentives for reaching reading benchmarks, as well as fun events and activities the whole family can enjoy together!

“Reading together is a great bonding activity,” says Nihart, “and will help get your child excited about reading and learning—plus the majority of library activities and programs are free or very low in cost.”

Go on a local adventure
Sometimes, the most fun things are right in your very own neighborhood! For frugal neighborhood activities with your family, check out your local museums, parks, hiking paths or summer fun 2vacation destinations for possible outings. If you decide to visit a local park, pack a picnic for you all to enjoy while you’re there. Remember, it’s not about where you go, but who you’re with—like your family!

“Lots of stores actually post local events or activities on a bulletin board for customers to review,” says Nihart. “When it comes to finding things to do in your neighborhood, you’d be surprised at what events are out there—you just have to open your eyes and look!”

Make your neighborhood a better place
Keep your children busy this summer, and show them the importance of team work, compassion and empathy by volunteering with local organizations in your neighborhood. Look around your neighborhood for organizations that need your help, or seek out organizations that your family has a specific interest in—like your church or local nursing home. An easy way to find out about volunteer opportunities in your area is to call your local volunteer center, which can be found online or in the Yellow Pages. Even if you’re not interested in going somewhere to volunteer, you can still show your kids how to make a difference by picking up trash in your neighborhood, planting flowers in your park or delivering a home-cooked meal to someone in need.

Camp out
Who says you have to go somewhere to camp? Camp out with your kids this summer in your own backyard! You can play games, cook up yummy camping food, take a hike around the summer fun 3neighborhood and enjoy delicious campfire desserts after the sun sets. Don’t forget to gather up your gear for an authentic camping experience! Before you go to the local store to buy equipment, see what you already have in your house. If you’re camping in your backyard, all you really need to worry about getting is a tent, sleeping bags and flashlights. Happy camping!

Whatever activities you decide to do with your family this summer, all of us at Two Rivers Bank & Trust hope you have a great summer spending time with those you love