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The Holiday Gift That Keeps Giving – Money!

For some, it’s a home-cooked Christmas dinner or a pair of new shoes. For others, it’s a doll, toy truck, or a smartphone. Different kids want different things, so if you’re not sure what to buy for the kids in your life this holiday season, why not get them the gift that keeps on giving – money!

Mediapolis Teller, Dawn Pratt, believes it’s never too soon to start teaching your children sound financial habits.

“Children should be taught the value of saving,” she said. “It’s a great way to help them understand goal-setting and financial literacy.”

Why open a Jr. Banker Savings account during the holidays?

“Finding the right gift for a child can be challenging, and the wish list can often be greater than the budget,” Pratt explained. “For many gift-givers, the solution is a cash gift. Opening a Jr. Banker Savings account at Two Rivers Bank & Trust will give kids a place to keep their money and teach them the value of saving for something they really want.”

Investing in your child’s future has never been easier! With just $5, a parent, grandparent or guardian with an active Two Rivers Bank & Trust checking account, can open a little one’s savings account.

“The interest rate for the Jr. Banker Savings account can help your child build on their successful saving efforts,” she said. “Their money grows as it sits safely in the account.”

Maintaining a bank account teaches your child about money management.


Kids who learn about saving early grow into more financially responsible adults. Opening a savings account for your child is a great opportunity to explain why it’s important to save, and how much they should be saving.

The best part? Once you open your child a Jr. Banker Savings account at Two Rivers Bank & Trust, it can stay in his or her name until they reach 18!

Your loved ones have more ways than gift cards to give to your child on birthdays or holidays, too.

“A Jr. Banker Savings account is wonderful when your children receive monetary gifts from others,” Pratt explained. “I get to see firsthand the joy of a child when they come in to deposit money from their piggy bank. It’s so exciting for them to find out how much they have saved and equally refreshing for me to see them reach their goal!”

For $5 you can open the door to money management for your child – and that’s an invaluable gift.


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